Nez, the Olfactory Magazine – #10 – From the nose to the mouth

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How does taste work and what does it have in common with smell? How are food flavourings created? What about fragrances with foody notes? Can odours influence our eating habits?

This tenth issue examines the affinities between our nose and our mouth, perfumery and cuisine. Nez is an invitation to explore the world through our olfactory sensations, adopting a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses art, literature, photography, science, history, gastronomy and, of course, perfumery, providing its readers with a better understanding of the essential role the sense of smell plays in our lives.

The first ever periodical to be dedicated to scent and the sense of smell. Bringing together articles, interviews, surveys and critical analysis with an olfactory focus, Nez challenges us to use our noses to explore the world.

Art, literature, science, history, perfume… Nez is unique in its diverse and informative approach and helps us understand how our sense of smell connects us to the world.

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of bars
What is the olfactory environment of a bartender in Paris?

They put their noses to good use and contribute to the world of olfaction, each in their own way.

Everything you always wanted to know about odours but were too afraid to ask.
The secrets of aldehydes
Fig tree, a sunny tree
Analysing the scents of the equestrian centre

Invisible yet undeniable, smells feature in all creative fields.

Luca Guadagnino’s sensory flights
The Middle East: sillage as adornment
The winegrower/producer Louis Brochet
Gaiamothertree, by Ernesto Neto
Luncheon of the boating party, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Olfactory column by Céline Ellena

Exploring the world of perfume through its origins, its trade secrets, its history and its professionals.

Report: cardamom – the good seed from Guatemala
Interview: Dominique Ropion
Flashback: the 1930s
The fantasy perfumery

Reflections on the relationship between our two chemical senses through the prisms of history, philosophy, health, the industry and marketing.

Our palate has a nose: though taste and smell aren’t the same, they are closely related
Cuisine in motion: a conversation with the historian Patrick Rambourg
Embodying good taste: the little-known profession of flavourists
The weight of smells: what avenues can olfaction open up for treating eating disorders?
The flavour explorer: a discussion with the philosopher Caroline Champion
Perfumes, from tongue to skin: why have foody notes invaded our bottles?


From consumer products to works of art, Nez goes behind the scenes of the perfume industry and also appraises 30 new fragrances.

Investigation: can we talk about fragrance?
Genealogy: eaux de Cologne
Behind the brand: Naomi Goodsir
Selection: what’s nez and our picks

Point of view: smelling time go by

1+1 Ambre à lèvres
Marjane Satrapi + Mathilde Bijaoui, behind the scenes of a creation

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