Master Parfums – The Perfume World Tour Pocket Quiz

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Master Parfums invites you to embark on a fragrance-filled world tour!
Discover the different cultures and fragrant customs of the world while having fun: Why are the flower-men of Siberut called that? What is dragon saliva for the Chinese? Where does Vanilla come from? What is qumqum used for in the Middle East?
The box contains 120 perfume trivia questions in a pocket size that’s perfect on the go!
Rules of the game: the first player to correctly answer 12 questions (3 in each category) wins the game and becomes the world Master of Perfumes!
Available on our website in French and English.

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How to play The Perfume World Tour Pocket Quiz?

The pack contains 120 cards with questions/answers spread over 5 continents, and divided into 4 categories: History and art, The olfactory palette, Behind the scenes of perfume, Brands, Fragrances and tips.

Here are the 4 color categories explained:

  • PINK: History, literature and mythology: enrich your perfume culture with a little history. From mythology to antiquity to the present day, discover how perfume has played an important role in our society and how this sensory awakening has been the protagonist of the most beautiful stories.
  • YELLOW-ORANGE: Behind the scenes of perfume: in this category, find surprising anecdotes about perfume, the sense of smell and the world of perfumery to enrich your general knowledge.
  • BLUE: The olfactory palette: discover the categories of fragrances and raw materials that make up the olfactory palette.
  • GREEN: Brands, fragrances and tips: from illustrious brands such as Chanel, Dior and Guerlain to more confidential brands, (re)discover the fragrances that have contributed to the history of perfume.

To become the Master, you’ll need to correctly answer 12 questions (3 levels of each color).
But beware, the ‘Temporary Anosmia’ and ‘Mystery’ cards will slow you down in your rise!

From amateur to connoisseur to expert, who will become the world’s Master Parfums?

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